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Tour De 100 Guidebook

Event Rules

1. Complete stage challenges

There are 5 stages in the event. Each stage is 20 days long and has multiple challenges. You are not required to cycle everyday as part of this event. Complete challenges, and earn points for same. Your event ranking will be based on challenges completed.

  • It is not mandatory to complete all stage challenges. Do as many as you can.
  • Missing a few challenges for a stage does not disqualify you from the next stage or the event. However, it is mandatory to complete at least one challenge from each stage, otherwise the participant will be disqualified from the event.

2. Each ride should be min 5 km

You need to ride a minimum of 5 km in a day for your ride to count. There is no upper limit, but participants are advised to use discretion and ride a distance which they are comfortable with. This is not a mileage competition though higher distance may rank you higher in various leaderboards on our website.

3. Submit your ride data

Submit your daily ride data using the data submit page on this website after logging in using the provided login details. We also have an automatic Strava data import feature which will import your daily ride data from your Strava account if you have authorized the same. In this case, you will not be required to manually submit your daily ride data.

4. Data submission within 10 days

You will be required to submit your ride data within 10 days of the actual ride date for each day. If you miss doing that, you will not be able to enter data for those dates later. For participants who have setup automatic Strava import, it will be participant’s responsibility to ensure their data is being imported on a daily basis and manually submit data if the import does not happen within 24 hours of the ride.

5. Public GPS activity link for ride is must

For each ride data submission, you will be required to specify a public GPS activity link for that ride, which is available when you ride using the common GPS based cycling apps like Strava, Wahoo Fitness, Map My Ride, etc. Any public GPS activity link submitted must meet the following criteria:

  • It must have ‘pace’ information for the ride
  • It must have ride ‘distance’
  • Km/mile ‘splits’ must be available
  • Activity link data should be publicly visible to everyone, i.e. it should not be private
  • It should be of a minimum distance of 5 km

Make sure to verify before you register that the cycling app you are planning to use meets the above requirements and provides you with the public GPS activity link which you need to submit for every ride.

Data from indoor bike trainers will also be acceptable as long as they have the above information and shared as an activity link.

We DO NOT accept screenshots from your phone app etc as valid forms of ride data proof.

Event FAQs

When does 2020 edition of Tour De 100 start?2020-08-16T22:50:26+05:30

The 2020 edition of Tour De 100 starts on Oct 19th, 2020 and finishes on Jan 26th, 2021.

When do registrations for the 2020 edition start2020-08-16T22:50:05+05:30

Registrations for the 2020 edition of Tour De 100 will start on Aug 22nd, 2020.

When is the last date to register for this event?2020-08-16T22:46:28+05:30

Event registrations for the 2020 edition will close on Oct 18th.

How do I register for the event?2020-08-16T22:45:53+05:30

Only online registrations are possible. You can register on the register page starting Aug 22nd, 2020.

Indian residents can pay through credit card/debit card/netbanking or using multiple wallets like PayU, PayTM, or Ola Money.

Applicants residing outside India can pay using credit card.

Registrations can be done individually, or bulk registrations as a group with some additional benefits for group members (minimum 20 participants required to be eligible for group registration).

Can I register all my group members together?2020-08-16T22:45:04+05:30

Yes, bulk registrations for group members is possible, if the group size is 20 participants or more. Registering as a group has additional benefits like discounted group registration cost.

To register as a group, the group leader or representative will be required to do the full payment online for the entire group. Once that is done, within 48 hours, the group leader will receive an email with a list of registration codes for each member. The group leader will then be required to share the codes with his or her group members who can then create their login (if not already existing) and complete the registration confirmation process using the registration code.

Group registrations are non-refundable.

Do I get a confirmation of the registration post payment of the fees?2019-06-30T01:31:35+05:30

You will receive an email from our ticketing partner, Townscript, with your booking id, and details of your payment.

Can I register manually (offline)2019-06-30T22:30:38+05:30

There are no manual registrations for the event. Only online registrations are allowed.

How much is the registration fee?2019-08-03T17:10:23+05:30

Details of registration fees are available at Register page.

What does the registration fee cover?2020-08-16T22:41:47+05:30

Following items are included with your registration fee:

  1. Entry to the 2020 edition of Tour De 100
  2. Participant t-shirt (dry-fit, light fabric, gender specific, provided to participants who registered with the t-shirt option)
  3. Finisher medal (different medals depending on your performance in the event, and subject to minimum points criteria for being an event finisher)
  4. Online finisher certificate
  5. Online finisher scorecard (certificate with detailed stats about your performance)

Participants registering as a group using group registration form (which is different from the individual registration form) will  get a discounted registration price.

What is the minimum/maximum age eligibility for taking part in this event?2020-08-16T22:38:56+05:30

Participants must be at least 15 years of age as of event start date, i.e. Oct 19th, 2020.

There is no upper age limit for taking part in the event.

Can I transfer/cancel my registration? Will there be any refund?2019-06-30T22:42:28+05:30

Registration is non-transferable. Participants can request for a cancellation of their registration, and receive refund subject to the following conditions:

Refund Rules

  • Participants are eligible for refund within 10 days (including the day of registration) of registering for the event. Example, if you registered on Sep 12th, then you request refund latest by Sep 21st.
  • No refund requests will be entertained post the 10 day period after registering
  • Processing fees will be deducted from the refund amount, rest of the registration amount will be refunded in full

To request for refund, send an email to support@tourde100.com, with your registration details.

I entered some incorrect data during registration. How do I correct it?2019-06-30T22:44:16+05:30

Please send an email to support@tourde100.com with the correct details and we will update it.

There was a problem during registration. I have been charged but I did not receive a confirmation. What should I do?2019-06-30T22:45:53+05:30

Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 10 working days. However, please email  support@tourde100.com with details of your registration – date of registration, name and your email id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and closed.

How do I submit my daily ride data?2019-06-30T22:49:54+05:30

You will first need to register for the event. Next, you will be provided your login details close to the event start date via an email. Past participants to any 100 Days of Running (HDOR) events will be able to login using the previously registered details if they register for the latest edition using the same email address.

To submit your ride data, you will need to login on the event website with the provided details and then submit the ride data.

We also support automatically importing your run data from your Strava account, if you have connected your Strava account with your Tour de 100 or HDOR account. In this case, you are not required to submit daily ride data since the system will import your ride data daily automatically within 24 hours of the ride (not immediately). If there is any issue in your Strava data (missing data due to Strava issues, errors), the participant will be responsible in ensuring that they submit the data manually on the website within the permitted time limits.

I use a GPS ride app or a GPS watch. Will my data be read automatically?2019-06-30T22:52:28+05:30

We currently only support automatic import of your ride data from your Strava account, if you have connected it to your Tour de 100 or 100 Days of Running (HDOR) account. For any other ride apps (like Wahoo Fitness, Map My Ride, Runkeeper, Garmin Connect, TomTom Sports, etc), you will be required to manually submit the run data via a public GPS activity link of your ride (unless you have setup automatic sync of your app ride data to your Strava account), which must have the following details of your ride:

  • Pace
  • Distance
  • Km/mile splits,
  • Publicly visible to everyone

If your submitted link does not meet these conditions, the data will not be considered valid and will be rejected/removed.

What is a public GPS activity link?2019-06-30T22:54:06+05:30

In the Tour de 100 data submission system, we require participants to submit a public GPS activity link for all their ride activities. So what is it? Read this article to find out.

When can I enter data for a particular date. Same day, next day, 10 days later?2019-06-30T22:58:37+05:30

Users must enter the ride data for a specific day within 10 days of that date. For example: if the ride was on Sep 10th, then the participant can submit data for that date latest by Sep 19th, and no later. This allowance is given to handle things like travel, etc, which might lead to delayed entry of data. No exceptions to this rule will be allowed.

If you are involved in work which involves remaining away for long periods where it is not possible to submit data within 10 days, no exception will be given for late data entry.

How will I be able to see details of my recorded data?2019-06-30T22:59:40+05:30

The website will have your participant dashboard page where participants will be able to see all their submitted ride details, as well as ride data for other event participants.

I entered wrong data. How do I fix it?2019-06-30T23:02:03+05:30

You will be able to edit the manually filled-in data for the relevant date again, with the right information, within a 10 day window. For example, for a ride data for Sep 5th, you can edit the data latest by Sep 14th, and no later.

Any auto-imported ride-data from your Strava account cannot be edited by the runners. If the participant feels that any one of their auto-imported ride-data isn’t correct, the participant will first be required to delete that ride-data from the Tour de 100 account after logging-in and then manually enter correct data within the prescribed time limit. Again, needless to say, you will be able to do this within the 10-days window. For example, if there was issue with your Strava imported data for Sep 5th, then you can delete and manually reenter the data latest by Sep 14th, and no later.

Is there any restriction regarding submission of distance for daily ride?2019-06-30T23:07:46+05:30

Yes. When submitting ride data for a day you will be required to specify a public GPS activity link for that ride.

No data submission will be allowed without a public GPS activity link.

The minimum distance which has to be submitted is 5 km. No distance less than 5 km will be accepted in the system.

Every submitted activity link should be public so that anyone can open and thus view your ride-data, without the need for any special access, at the most by logging in to their own app account for the app using which the ride data was submitted.

How do I submit ride data outside the 10 day period?2019-06-30T23:08:35+05:30

Ride data older than 10 days cannot be submitted as per event rules.

How to sync your app ride data to Strava?2019-06-30T23:09:21+05:30

Read this article to understand how to sync your app ride data to Strava.

How to connect your Tour de 100 account with Strava?2019-06-30T23:13:55+05:30

Read this article to understand how to connect your Tour de 100 account with Strava.

Which cycling app should I use for submitting my ride data?2019-06-30T23:15:46+05:30

Read this article to see our recommendations on the apps to use to submit your daily ride data.

How do I submit my Garmin ride data directly?2019-06-30T23:16:34+05:30

Read this article to understand how to submit your activity data from the Garmin app/account to Tour de 100.

How can I flag bad ride data submitted by other participants?2019-06-30T23:17:30+05:30

Read this article to understand how to flag/report bad ride data submitted by other participants.

How can I submit data for multiple rides in a day?2019-06-30T23:25:17+05:30

If you use Strava for your rides (or your daily ride data is available in Strava via an export from your regular cycling app or GPS watch), and you have connected your Tour de 100 account with your Strava account, then our daily Strava ride data import process will import your data for multiple rides into your Tour de 100 account within 24 hours of the ride.

If your ride data is on another app (not Strava), then one option is to create a Strava account and transfer your ride data from your existing cycling app account to your Strava account (which should be connected to your Tour de 100 account). Read this article for more details.

Alternatively, you can manually submit the data for the multiple rides in the day one by one using the submit form on your participant dashboard.

Automatic Strava import did not happen for my ride within 24 hours. What should I do?2019-06-30T23:27:16+05:30

Automatic Strava import system is a convenience which we bring to our participants so that they are not required to manually submit their daily ride data. At times, due to connectivity issues, or because the participant’s rides were not made public in their Strava account, or for any other unforeseen issue, the system may not import the participant ride data.

It will be participants responsibility to ensure that their data submission is up to date. If the daily Strava import process did not import their ride within 24 hours of the actual ride time, participants must submit the ride data manually within the 10 day window, inclusive of the date of the ride.

I missed to submit ride data within 10 days. How can I add it now?2019-06-30T23:28:21+05:30

As per the event rules, the ride data for any given date must be submitted by the participant within a 10 day window, inclusive of the date of the ride. For example, if the ride date was Sep 21st, then the user must submit the data latest by Sep 30th.

Any requests for data submission outside the 10 day window will not be entertained.

When can I login to my Tour De 100 account?2020-08-16T22:26:21+05:30

Participants who have completed the registration payment for the 2020 edition of Tour De 100 will be required to create their accounts on event website tourde100.com if they do not have a pre-existing tourde100.com or hdor.com account which may be used if it already exists.

Please go through the new user guidelines to understand the event on-boarding process.

When will I receive my T-shirt and Medal after registering?2020-08-16T22:36:52+05:30

Participant t-shirt: Dispatch of all participant t-shirts will be completed by Oct 10th (for participants who have registered by Oct 1st). For participants registering after Oct 1st, dispatch process will be completed by Oct 31st, 2020.

Finisher medals: Finisher medal dispatch will be completed by Feb 28th, 2021.

Where do I need to ride to take part in this event?2019-06-30T23:38:15+05:30

Anywhere, as per your route of choice. On a road near your home, ride to work, this is completely your choice. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and take all due precautions on the road.

Do however note that for all rides it is mandatory to submit a public GPS activity link from a cycling app for the same as proof.

How much do I need to ride daily as part of this event?2019-06-30T23:40:29+05:30

You are required to ride at least 5 km (3.1 miles) everyday. You must pay close attention to your body and listen for any signs of problems, and stop if needed. There are no winners in this event for the maximum distance covered. Ride a distance which you are comfortable with. Ride slow if you must, that’s okay with us.

Always ride wearing a helmet for your safety.

I am training for a 200km, 400km, 600km Brevet, should I participate in this event?2019-06-30T23:42:18+05:30

Yes, you most definitely can. If you are following a training plan, train as per that plan. Take your rest days off.

Doing Tour de 100 while training for a longer distance Brevet event is the perfect option to build consistency, train regularly, and have a great ride on the race day.

What if I miss a day? Can I ride twice the next day?2019-06-30T23:44:00+05:30

Missing a day would mean you miss that day, and it cannot be compensated by riding twice the next day. Don’t stop your Tour de 100 riding streak if you do miss a few days here or there due to an unavoidable situation, like injury, or travel. Of course, with injuries, you have to take precaution before restarting, and advice of doctor as necessary.

Missing a few days here and there does not disqualify you from Tour de 100.

How will you validate data submitted by other participants?2019-06-30T23:45:12+05:30

The data validation effort is community driven. Event participants can flag/report any bad data submitted by another participant via the Reports tab on their participant dashboard, and our team will analyze that and take appropriate action as needed.

Can I ride more than once in a day?2019-06-30T23:47:38+05:30

Your day ride may be done as a single ride or broken into multiple rides, as you prefer, provided each individual ride is at least 5 km long. You need to make sure that your ride data is available on Strava in such a case or submit each ride data manually. Read our multiple runs article for more details on the process.

Are there any prizes for top finishers?2019-06-30T23:48:26+05:30

No, there is no prize money for the event. However, we will be providing finisher certificates and scorecard to all participants which will list your overall rank in your cycling group, company, city, etc.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, please drop an email to support@tourde100.com.

Violation of Rules of Event

All violations of the Rules of Event (including those listed on the FAQ section) will be referred to the Organizing Team, who will review the infraction and determine a resolution taking into consideration all relevant facts and circumstances.

The Organizing Team reserves the right to consider all facts and circumstances, including repeat offenses, and apply penalties as appropriate in its sole discretion which may include removal of participant data for specific event dates, disqualification from official results and reports, suspension from future events.

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