Bergamont Tour De 100 (TDH) is a virtual ride challenge. You are required to follow the below steps to ensure you are able to use the platform without any issues. In case you face issues with any of the steps below, please email us at

1. Confirm your registration after payment

After making payment for the event via our ticketing partner Townscript, participants receive an email with their payment receipt/invoice from Townscript. Additionally, there is another email sent by TDH (from which has their registration code which needs to be used on Complete Event Registration section (under Settings section) to complete their registration. If you do not find this email in your inbox, please look for it in your email SPAM folder, and if unable to locate please email and our team will re-share the details with you.

2. Create your TDH account

If you do not have a pre-existing TDH ( or HDOR ( account, create an account now here by clicking on the Create account link. If you have a pre-existing TDH or HDOR account, you can login to TDH website using the same login credentials.

3. Install the TDH mobile app

You can use either the TDH mobile app or the website to view reports/leaderboards or to submit your daily activity data. You can download the TDH app here: iOS | Android

4. Install a supported mobile app for activity tracking

To record your daily ride activity, you can download and install any of the supported apps or use a supported GPS device. Please refer to the list of supported apps here.

5. If using Strava/Garmin app, connect your TDH account to Strava/Garmin app

You can enable automatic import of your activity data to your TDH account if you are using Strava (or Garmin) app (or if you enable sync of your activity data from the app you use to Strava, if supported, see here). To setup this automatic import, please connect your Strava account to your TDH account here (under Settings > Connected apps section). Ensure that your Strava account activity privacy settings are set to Everyone. See this article for guidance if you face issues with import of your Strava rides to TDH.

6. Ride using a supported mobile app or GPS device

Record your activity data using your mobile activity tracking app (not the TDH app) or GPS device (GPS devices also support recording data in indoor mode).

7. Submit your ride activity data on TDH website or app

Submit your activity data using either the TDH mobile app or website. For TDH mobile app this can be done by clicking on the big ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app. For website, you can do this by clicking on the +Activity link in the menu, or clicking here.

To understand how to share your activity data from your mobile app to TDH account (for users who have not setup automatic Strava account), please check out the relevant videos here.

8. Submit indoor or manual ride data

Participants can ride indoors as part of this event. They can do this using an indoor bike trainer which is capable of recording indoor ride. The recorded indoor ride data must be available on a supported app like Strava, etc.