Tour De 100

Refer & win iPhone 13 Pro & more


Refer your friends to take part in this event, get them on the road to fitness, and win special referral rewards including iPhones, GPS watches, vouchers, and more!


It’s a win-win for you as well as your friends who get a special ₹ 50 discount as well when registering using your referral code. Your referral code will be sent to you right after you register.


See below table to see the bonus rewards you will earn when someone you refer registers for the event using your referral code.

Top 20 Referral Rewards

1st Prize*
Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128gb) Rs. 1,19,900 Free Min. Referral 200
2nd Prize*
Apple iPhone 13 (128gb) Rs. 79,900 Free Min. Referral 150
3rd Prize*
Apple iPhone 12 (64gb) Rs. 65,900 Free Min. Referral 125
4th Prize*
GoPro Hero 10 Action Camera Rs. 54,500 Free Min. Referral 100
5th Prize*
GoPro Hero 9 Action Camera Rs. 49,500 Free Min. Referral 75
6th Prize*
GoPro Hero 8 Action Camera Rs. 65,900 Free Min. Referral 75
7th Prize*
Garmin FR 245 Rs. 31,490 Free Min. Referral 50
8th Prize*
Garmin FR 55 Rs. 20,990 Free Min. Referral 50
9th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 8,000 Free Min. Referral 40
10th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 7,000 Free Min. Referral 40
11th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 6,000 Free Min. Referral 40
12th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 5,000 Free Min. Referral 40
13th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 4,000 Free Min. Referral 20
14th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 3,500 Free Min. Referral 20
15th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 3,000 Free Min. Referral 20
16th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 2,500 Free Min. Referral 20
17th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 1,750 Free Min. Referral 10
18th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 1,500 Free Min. Referral 10
19th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 1,250 Free Min. Referral 10
20th Prize*
Amazon Voucher Rs. 1,000 Free Min. Referral 10

Make the most of this AMAZING referral program and win BIG

What are you waiting for? Go and get your friends to join the Tour De 100 challenge and #ExploreYourLimits together.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • The minimum referral criteria is mentioned above for the respective reward.
  • You need to refer a minimum of 10 people to be eligible for other rewards
  • In case of availability issues with any items listed above, a different product of same or higher MRP may be provided.
  • In case of a tie between two or more participants, an online lucky draw will be done to decide which participant gets which reward.
  • If the amount of the award or the price is more than INR 10,000, then TDS will be deducted from the winnings before paying it to the winner according to the provisions of Income Tax Act, India.
  • *Sum total of all rewards is more than Rs. 5 Lacs