Tour De 100

What is TourDe100?

Welcome to one of the World’s Largest Virtual Ride Challenges,

5 Stage Cycling Challenge
TourDe100 is a global 5-stage cycling challenge spread over a period of 100 days.

Welcome to one of the World’s Largest Virtual Ride Challenges,

Each Stage is a 20 Day Mini Tour
All the 5 challenges are 20 days long consist of multiple challenges that a participant is required to complete.

Beat Challenges for Each Stage
Complete every challenge from each stage to rise up the leaderboard.

Earn Points in Each Challenge
When you complete the challenge, you earn point, which take you higher in the event leaderboard comprising cyclists from all around the world.

Point Decide Leaderboard
At end of 100 days, all participants will be ranked on the basis of the points earned on completing the challenges, and will be awarded appropriate finisher medals as per their finish level.

WHY TourDe100?

To stay fit and healthy one needs to be physically active. Regular physical activity can help protect from serious health problems and this is where virtual challenges such as TourDe100 come into play. Riding your bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to prevent ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Moreover, TourDe100 helps turn fitness into a lifestyle instead of a chore.
  • You get to conquer incredible milestones through achievable daily goals.
  • Each achievement helps you stay motivated to explore your limits with discipline and consistency.

Tour De 100 2022 starts 1st October. Register NOW and get, set, ready to #ExploreYourLimits

Benefits of TourDe100

Ride whenever you want

Being a virtual event, you get to decide when you want to go out for a ride and complete your daily goals at your convenience. If there's a specific spot or time that gives you the energy to do your best, you can start from there/then.

Makes workout fun

Cycling is a great muscle workout as it uses all of the major muscle groups when you pedal while also making it fun for you. The thrill you get when you are speeding down a road as the breeze brushes across your face remains unmatched compared to other physical activities.

Complete at your own speed

As long as you achieve the goals for the challenge, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go. Account for your ability and set your speed to whatever works best for you.

Earn unique medals & trophies

Finish the 100 days challenge and bring home unique and personalized finisher medals and trophies to your were able to complete the challenge you participated in.


It’s really simple!

Be a part of
the challenge

Register for this virtual cycling challenge spread across 100 days and 5 stages on our website.

Ride for a
100 Days

Being a virtual event, you are free to ride where you want, when you want without being bound by any time or location restrictions.

Your Data

Submit your ride data on event website or app, compare your results with other participants. We can import your ride data automatically!

The Tour Stages

Each of the 5 stages presents multiple challenges, with points being awarded for successful completion of each challenge. As you complete each challenge, you will rise in the event leaderboard and rankings.

Bonus Challenges

Finisher Classification

The finisher category is decided based on the number of points a participant accumulates during the event.

You can earn points by:

Completing a challenge

You get 1 point for every 1 km you ride. In case of multiple rides during the day, longest will be counted

You earn speed and elevation points for auto imported rides

All the points earned during the event window adds up to decide your FINISHER category.

Finisher categories & gratification


25,000 Points
Personalized Trophy,
Personalized Medal,
Printed Certificate,


20000 Points
Personalized Medal,
Printed Certificate,


15,000 Points
Personalized Medal,


10000 Points
Personalized Medal,


7500 Points
Personalized Medal,


5000 Points
Personalized Medal,


2500 Points
Personalized Medal,

* To qualify as an event finisher and earn your finisher medal, participants need to achieve at least the Iron finisher level, i.e. earn a minimum of 2500 points.
**All the images shown above are indicative. Final design and colour may vary

Check out the Rules & FAQ section to know more about the event. Please feel free to reach out to us on in case of any queries.

Wear with Pride

TourDe100 Jersey has been crafted with passion. It’s like a mural on your skin. Every detail of the jersey is designed to enhance your performance. The fabric is highly breathable, stretchable, fast wicking and most importantly very comfortable to wear.

*design for this year yet to be decided.


Unique Finisher Medal coming your way in the upcoming edition of TourDe100.




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