Tour De 100 – A 5 Stage Cycling Challenge

What is Tour De 100?

Tour De 100 is a global 5-stage cycling challenge spread over a period of 100 days. Each stage is 20 days long and has multiple challenges which you are required to complete. As you complete the challenges, you earn points, which take you higher in the event leaderboard comprising cyclists from all around the world.

At the end of 100 days, all participants will be ranked on the basis of the points earned completing the challenges, and will be awarded appropriate finisher medals as per the finish level.

The 3rd edition of the event starts Nov 20th, 2021. Join now and #EXPLOREYOURLIMITS.


The Tour Stages

Tour De 100 is divided into 5 stages. Each stage presents multiple challenges, with points being awarded for successful completion of each challenge. As you complete each challenge, you will rise in the event leaderboard and rankings.

  • Ride for all 20 days of a stage and get 100 bonus points
  • Ride for all 100 days and get 500 bonus points
  • Starting stage 2, beat your mileage of previous stage by 10% and get 200 bonus points
  • Complete all 6 challenges of a stage at least once and get 20% of stage points as bonus points
    • Stage 1 – 102 bonus points
    • Stage 2 – 165 bonus points
    • Stage 3 – 278 bonus points
    • Stage 4 – 415 bonus points
    • Stage 5 – 557 bonus points
  • Complete all 30 stage challenges at least once and get 1000 bonus points

Finisher Classification

Finisher LevelQualificationGratification
Diamond Finisher20000 pointsPersonalised Medal + Personalised Trophy +
Physical Certificate +
Platinum Finisher15000 pointsPersonalised Medal +
Physical Certificate +
Gold Finisher10000 pointsPersonalised Medal +
Silver Finisher6000 pointsFinisher Medal +
Bronze Finisher3000 pointsFinisher Medal +
Iron Finisher1500 pointsFinisher Medal +

* To qualify as an event finisher and earn your finisher medal, participants need to achieve at least the Iron finisher level, i.e. earn a minimum of 1500 points.

Event Timelines

Registrations LaunchSept 10th, 2021
Early bird registrations closeSept 26th, 2021
Registrations closeNov 20th, 2021
Event ride windowNov 20th, 2021 – Feb 27th, 2022
Participant t-shirt dispatch complete (for those registering by Nov 1st)Nov 15th, 2021
Last ride data submissionMar 1st, 2022
Provisional results publishedMar 5th, 2022
Final results publishedMar 9th, 2022
Finisher certificate available for downloadMar 9th, 2022
Finisher medal dispatch completeMar 31st, 2022