In the Tour de 100 data submission system, we require participants to submit a public GPS activity link for all their ride activities. So what is it? Read this article to find out.

For each ride data submission, you will be required to specify a public GPS activity link for that ride, which is available when you ride using the common GPS based cycling apps like Strava, Wahoo Fitness, Map My Ride, etc. Any public GPS activity link submitted must meet the following criteria:
– It must have ‘pace’ information for the ride
– It must have ride ‘distance’
– Km/mile ‘splits’ (or speed chart over entire distance) must be available
– Activity link data should be publicly visible to everyone, i.e. it should not be private
– It should be of a minimum distance of 5 km

Make sure to verify before you register that the cycling app you are planning to use meets the above requirements and provides you with the public GPS activity link which you need to submit for every ride.

Data from indoor bike trainers will also be acceptable as long as they have the above information and shared as an activity link.

We DO NOT accept screenshots from your phone app etc as valid forms of ride data proof.